Hey beauties xx

Today was realy not my lucky day, but luckily there were some people to save my day.

Today I was like 5 seconds too late for school because I was running (to not be late) and my bag literally BROKE !

So I had an broken bag and I was too late for school, but that was not enought.

At school someone from the secretariat gave me a remark about my jeans, because it “does not fit” to the school dress code.

Because I was a little bit ripped, but you don’t even saw my legs and I already wore that jeans like 10 times before that for school and I never had any remark about it.



And all my teachers even agreed with me !

So it was not love you best day of school of the year.

And after school I had detention.

But the best thing about the dat is that my mom repaired my bag !!

So that’s what happened today at my school, I just wanted to share it because it realy made me angry xx love you




Hey beauties xx

The next tree weeks I will do a lot of travelling and I will take the plane a lot.

I’m going to Barcelona and Berlin so I’ll take the plane 4 times !! And I’m very excited about that.

And to die the time in the plane I made a little list of thing to do

  • Watch a movie
  • Organise my phone/ pictures
  • Take pictures of the view, and I don’t know Why but the most of the time I’m sitting on the window seat, so that’s realy perfect for some (sunset/ sunrise) view pictures
  • Eat or drink something, you know just to do something
  • Read the magazine in the plane
  • Listen to music
  • Just think about some things like my next travel(s)
  • Write blogs
  • And if like for Barcelona study a bit





    Hope you enjoyed it xx