I had a long weekend from 4 days so we went to the beach and we didn’t actually did a lot of things so I just made a pictures post about what I did but in pictures
We did some shopping, we watched the sunsets, we took some pictures at the beach and even worked a little bit out, …

Hope you enjoy xx love you

















34♡ Long weekend at the beach


Hey beauties xx

If you tell me a weekend at the beach then I’m always thinking of sun, surfing, a beautiful sunrise and sunset, a lot of ice cream and much more

But that’s not the reality at the Belgiun coast

I go for a weekend to the Belgiun coast and Monday I go back home to get ready for Berlin ♡ I realy can’t wait

Day 1: Saturday

We did some eye shopping in Casa and we saw some realy cute stuff



And at night there was a so pretty sunset so we watched it and made some pictures







Day 2: Sunday

We passed out our day at Nieuwpoort, in English Newport. We took the tram to get there and we walked by the port till the shopping street











We also had some ice cream there and I obviously had (again) raspberry, I loved it so much






In the shopping street we found realy nice shops where we went in…





I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as me xx


20♡ A weekend at the Belgiun coast


Hey beauties xx

Yesterday we didn’t realy did something, it was more a chilling day at home.
But today it was realy an active day.

First in the morning we went eating breakfast and I had a croissant with chocolate on it.

After we went to the grocery store and then we went for a little walk on the beach where we ended taking some pictures at the most perfect location.

But after that we went on a longer walk till the old city of Marbella and then back again and we walked about 10 km today.

(This blog is about 28/02/2017 and 1/03/2017)


6♡ Marbella February 2017 ~ day 5 & 6