Hey beauties xx

Today I just had a so amazing day !!

I think that my exam went good, and I was nog too late (because there was an accident in the morning) and after that I went emidiatly home and I was so lucky because my train was delayed from 5 minutes, so I was on time



And because my mom was in town I asked her to join me and luckely she was there because there was a so cute wall (of a school) in pink so we took there some pictures ♡











So this is my OOTD:

T- shirt: H&M

Jeans: New Look

Jacket: Get Drezzed (is a Dutch brand)

Bag: Pimkie

My shoes: unknown


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38♡ Me having a very good day


Hey beauties xx

Today I went to Halle where I had lunch with my mother and sister ♡

My sister and I we had a vol-au-vent with French fries (who are actually from Belgium) and my mother had a lasagna with spinach and salmon.







Then I did some eye- shopping on the way to the library.








And then in the library I took the book that I need for school and then we took the train to Brussels. We didn’t realy something special, I just had a bubble tea (again) and I had (again) peach and blueberry and I also bought some cuberdons.


Then we went to my grandparents house and my grandfather did a barbecue and it was the perfect way to end the day



We stayed there till 23:30 and then we went back home.

xx I hope you enjoyed it love you !

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26♡ family quality time


Hey beauties xx

I’m so shooked from the police in Halle, I just can’t believe that they are so disrespectful to people !

So let me explain you, while unloading the grocery for the restaurants of my father the police came and told that he may not do that on the market, ect. …
And honestly I never saw police agents so disrespectful, they literally said “maak dat je hier weg bent” what means ‘get the hell away’.

So I’m just shooked, but after that we went to Brussels to see my family from Netherland and it was so much fun, we did some shopping and I bought 2 pants, 2 T- shirts and 1 dress. Then we went to buy my cousin a gift from Lush (2 bath bombs) and also to the 8tea5 and I had a Peach bubble tea with blueberry and it tasted so good, it was actually the first time I went to the 8tea5.







And just look what I found on my grey pant, I just thought that it was so funny…




And I also had a gift from my cousine, I had the Beyoncé heart parfume with the body gel and the body lotion and some oreo’s because she thought that we didn’t had them in Belgium but we actually have the dubble cream, but still nice from her ♡



I hope you enjoyed it xx love you 

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25♡ Shooked from the police and family time in Brussels


Hey beauties xx

Today it was the birthday party of my little cousine … and it was kind of boring.

We went to Clownkea to selebrate her fifth birthday and I am actually too old for the atractions but I still played a little bid and the boy kept comming to us to say that we might not play, so we start to take pictures (like always)



So that was it for today, the cake was not bad but just not enought for me

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12♡ B- DAY Elina