Hey beauties xx

Today I said bye bye to my long hair and I asked my mom if she could cut it for me.

So I was so excited about result and I love it just so so much !

When I was little I realy hated it when my mom cutted my hair short, I always thought that short hair was ugly, but actually it was just the society that made me think that.

My hair before



And you will probably see my new short frech hair on instagram pics the coming week when I’ll be in Barcelona.



Also one of my favourite products this moment !

Hope you enjoyed it !!

Make- up and Beauty

14♡ Bye bye long hair


Heyy beauties xx

The last moment I’m really in love with 1 specific product … and it’s the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar and the Snow Fairy gel douche, both from Lush !!

And they both just smell so good, to candy ♡ I’m totally in love with it.

I just don’t know if the bubble bar is still available, but the gel douche is.

Make- up and Beauty

1♡ My favourite product of the moment