Hey beauties xx because I’m in Marbella now I wanted to share with you my favourite food places here


I just discovered this place very recently and I love it so much !! Everything is so cute there and you can go for a coffee, chocolats, little backeries and fresh juices.

I always like to have there a little golfball who’s totally made of chocolate it’s just so good there




Another thing that I adore to eat in Marbella is churos, and I think this is also the only place in Spain where I like to eat it.

I always take a churos with fresh orange juice and I like to add some sugar to the churos for a little bit of more taste and it’s just a perfect place for breakfast



I think that Jijoyenca is just the best ice cream place in the old town of Marbella and you have an terrace where you can sit to enjoy your ice or just to drink something with a vieuw on the marina of Marbella, and it’s just so pretty !!



Solo Qui is a place in Puerto Banús where you can have different ice creams and there are just so good, there is no terrace but you can enjoy your ice cream during a walk trought the port



This is a new buffet restaurant on the road to La Cañada (shopping center) and you eat there just so so good, what I realy liked is that the pizza’s were made just in front of the buffet and there was just a lot of choice to eat. There was a lot of pasta of caurse but also a lot of different meats and a lot of vegetables. There was just not a lot of choice of fishes and the drinks were also in a buffet form



I hope that you enjoyed this blog xx

And tell me in the comments your fave Marbella places to eat 💋

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Hey beauties xx it’s been a long time that I posted something for the last time but now I’m backI’m currently back in Marbella for the summer holidays and I’m so excited to blog here

I also celebrated my 17TH birthday here and I realised so much being 17 (my birthday is on the 12th of July)

Nothing has to be perfect because nothing is perfect how hard you even try

And for my birthday we went eating in Pasta Mundo or Mundo Pasta (I don’t remember the name anymore) and I just had so cute gifts from people I didn’t even expected a gift from, that how I received a box of chocolat with chocolats in it that I don’t even like (I only like 2 sorts I think) and jewels that I’m allergic too, but still adorable.











And I had just so cute wishes from my friends, that I thought it wasn’t even possible

Shoutout to my buddy 💛

I hope you enjoyed it xx love you




Hey beauties !!

I don’t know about you but today I had just a so amazing day.

Do you know that moment that you are so happy that you can’t stop smiling ?

That’s me right now !

I am just so happy that the exams are finally  over and obviously I hope that I succeed my year (and all my classmates too) and that I can start after 2 months of summer holiday with my high school senior year !!

So today I had my oral French exam and it went just so fine and after that we hanged a bit out with friends,….

And after that I took the train and went home, there I reveived my pre- birthday gift from my mom and I just ADORE it !

Also this was my outfit for my oral exam:











I hope you enjoyed it xx love you 

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Hey beauties xx

Today I just had a so amazing day !!

I think that my exam went good, and I was nog too late (because there was an accident in the morning) and after that I went emidiatly home and I was so lucky because my train was delayed from 5 minutes, so I was on time



And because my mom was in town I asked her to join me and luckely she was there because there was a so cute wall (of a school) in pink so we took there some pictures ♡











So this is my OOTD:

T- shirt: H&M

Jeans: New Look

Jacket: Get Drezzed (is a Dutch brand)

Bag: Pimkie

My shoes: unknown


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Hey beauties xx

This long weekend I will stay the whole weekend at home and study for the exams because I start next friday ! And I have still a lot of work to do so this blog is just about my outfit of the day.

Today I’m wearing a very comfy outfit and it’s just perfect to study because it’s just so comfy and cute






   I hope you enjoyed it xx love you 




Hey beauties xx

Today was realy not my lucky day, but luckily there were some people to save my day.

Today I was like 5 seconds too late for school because I was running (to not be late) and my bag literally BROKE !

So I had an broken bag and I was too late for school, but that was not enought.

At school someone from the secretariat gave me a remark about my jeans, because it “does not fit” to the school dress code.

Because I was a little bit ripped, but you don’t even saw my legs and I already wore that jeans like 10 times before that for school and I never had any remark about it.



And all my teachers even agreed with me !

So it was not love you best day of school of the year.

And after school I had detention.

But the best thing about the dat is that my mom repaired my bag !!

So that’s what happened today at my school, I just wanted to share it because it realy made me angry xx love you




I had a long weekend from 4 days so we went to the beach and we didn’t actually did a lot of things so I just made a pictures post about what I did but in pictures
We did some shopping, we watched the sunsets, we took some pictures at the beach and even worked a little bit out, …

Hope you enjoy xx love you