Hey beauties xx it’s been a long time that I posted something for the last time but now I’m backI’m currently back in Marbella for the summer holidays and I’m so excited to blog here

I also celebrated my 17TH birthday here and I realised so much being 17 (my birthday is on the 12th of July)

Nothing has to be perfect because nothing is perfect how hard you even try

And for my birthday we went eating in Pasta Mundo or Mundo Pasta (I don’t remember the name anymore) and I just had so cute gifts from people I didn’t even expected a gift from, that how I received a box of chocolat with chocolats in it that I don’t even like (I only like 2 sorts I think) and jewels that I’m allergic too, but still adorable.











And I had just so cute wishes from my friends, that I thought it wasn’t even possible

Shoutout to my buddy 💛

I hope you enjoyed it xx love you




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