Hey beauties xx

Today I will talk about lockers !!

And honestly I was so excited about Finally having lockers (because on my school you only have lockers in 3th grade) and I had so much expectations about it… but yeah the reality was different.

But today we had to give the keys of the lockers because we may nog longer use them *heartbreaking* and we still have 2 weeks school till the exams so that’s something that I don’t understand.



In the beginning of the year I really thought that it actually would be like in the American movies:


Always spending time on the lockers when you have nothing to do


Actually we mayed not go to our locker whenever we want, they are some moments that we do not have acces to our lockers, like when we just finish to eat, but 30′ after finishing eating we have again acces.


I expected that with my locker my handbag would be less heavy


But the reality is that it looked like it was more heavy, I don’t think that it was really more heavy but it just looked like


I thought that it would be super fun to stand on the lockers with my friends and that we would have so much fun


My friends actually didn’t liked it to stand on the lockers with my, and I don’t even know why, I just think it’s pretty cool but yeah

And maybe the thing that I had the most expectations about it; decorating my lockers. I thought that I would have a locker just like the American youtubers and that it would be super fashionable and stylish


But the reality was actually totally not that, maybe also because our lockers are 1/3 of the American locker. I even had a little week planner in my lockers with all my classes on it but that was like the only thing I had as “decoration” for my locker. That was not even decoration.

And I also dreamed about decorating the door of my locker like in Victorious, but that also didn’t happened

So that were all my expectations about having a locker !! I hope you maybe related to something ♡ xx love you 


33♡ Bye bye lockers


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