Hey beauties xx

Today 4/04 I’m going to Berlin !!

I woke up at 04:55 to get ready, I just put my chlotes on and washed my face and brushed my teeths, even if I didn’t ate anything, I like to feel fresh.

Then at the airport we had some time to eat or drink something so my friends and I we went to the Starbucks and I had a Mocca Frappucino and a chocolate muffin.




My snack for in the plane was a Sultana Yofruit with a blackcurrants, strawberries and blackberries smoothie from Innocent that I also bought from Starbucks.

When arrived at the airport of Berlin we took the public transports to arrive in Berlin Haupbahnhof and then we dropped off our bagages and went exploring the city.

First we went to the Berlin wall and w had some informations from the guide



Then we went to the Alexanderplatz





I also catched some cute things in the streets of Berlin





And for dinner we ate at the old side of the city in very cosy and cute streets with some friends.

I had a vegetirian escalope, just with still water and we shared together a dessert, we went for an appflestrudle. It was so delicious.




I hope you enjoyed my blog !! I realy like Berlin, I’m just in love with this city ♡




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