Hey beauties xx

So we went a little week to Barcelona with 2 classes and it was really very funny, but I’m not going to tell you everything, only the best moments

Day 1: Monday 20/03

We had some free time at the airport so we went eating something and we also went to the Starbucks obviously



And when in the plane I had one of the best seats: one of the last rows and I had the window seat so we took really nice pictures
Foto view sky

But when we arrived at the airport of Barcelona a class mate didn’t had his suitcase (we all knew that something would happen)

Day 2: Tuesday 21/03

It was a very busy day with a lot of hicking, we visited all the casas: Casa Battló, Casa Amatller, Casa Lleo Morera and Casa Mila

We also visited Casa Mila from the inside and it was really pretty, I really liked the luster that they had there





And we also went to Park Güell, where we also had a drink



Day 3: Wedsnesday 22/03

We visited Camp Nou !! It was really so nice to be there once, even if you’re not a soccer fan like me !

It was really so nice to be there once, even if you’re not a soccer fan like me !

And after that we went eating some Italian food and we visited other things





And in the morning we also went to La Blqueria, what’s a overdecked market and they had just from that very cute food so I had an papaya- orange jus and that was the first time I tried papaya so I was very excited !




Day 4: Thursday 23/03

We went to Montserrat, what’s a little mountain and we walked there a lot but the view was really amazing !






Day 5: Friday 24/03

We went to the park de la Ciutadella and it was just so beautiful and after that we went to the olimpic port and city and to Barceloneta but at the end we went to the shopping centre Maremagnum where I ate with a friend at the Subway and after that we went for ice cream !




Day 6: Saturday 25/03

Finally back home !! It was really a very long travel, it feels like we know each other better, there happend just so much in those 5 days I would never imagineted it





To Barcelona with school


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