Hey beauties xx

The last days I realy felt so inspired that I just ended up mixing the 2 newest shoe trends of the moment and I realy love the ressult !

I know there will always be someone that doesn’t like it but I will always remember that if I like it it’s enought.






I think it’s very cute to wear this with a skirt, dress or short or even with a jeans like a did now.

You can totally wear this for school or vacation and even for a festival.

You can even do the bow on the backside of you leg if you want.

I still hope you like it too xx


19♡ Inspiration new shoe trend


Hey beauties xx

I realy thought that my outfit of today was realy cute, so I have some pictures of it




18♡ Outfit Of The Day


Hey beauties xx

If you tell me a weekend at the beach then I’m always thinking of sun, surfing, a beautiful sunrise and sunset, a lot of ice cream and much more

But that’s not the reality at the Belgiun coast

I go for a weekend to the Belgiun coast and Monday I go back home to get ready for Berlin ♡ I realy can’t wait

Day 1: Saturday

We did some eye shopping in Casa and we saw some realy cute stuff



And at night there was a so pretty sunset so we watched it and made some pictures







Day 2: Sunday

We passed out our day at Nieuwpoort, in English Newport. We took the tram to get there and we walked by the port till the shopping street











We also had some ice cream there and I obviously had (again) raspberry, I loved it so much






In the shopping street we found realy nice shops where we went in…





I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as me xx


20♡ A weekend at the Belgiun coast


Hey beauties xx
I al doing a mini shoplog from what I bought the last week in Barcelona, enjoy
Kiko: 2 nail pollishes, €2,50 each



Pull&Bear: sweather with text “never without wifi”, €20




H&M: 2 iPhone cases, €6 each




Camp Nou, FC Barcelona: 2 patches with the logo, €3,5 each


17♡ Mini shoplog Barcelona


Hey beauties xx

As you know from my last post I just travelled to Barcelona and I thought “Wow this outfit is realy on fleek” so I gonna share it with you for those who are going to travel soon




Jacket: Get Drezzed, €40

Sweather: Pull&Bear, €20   

T- shirt: Bershka, €5   

Jeans: New Look, €20

Shoes: Jennifer, €20

Fashion, Travelling

16♡ Travel outfit


Hey beauties xx

So we went a little week to Barcelona with 2 classes and it was really very funny, but I’m not going to tell you everything, only the best moments

Day 1: Monday 20/03

We had some free time at the airport so we went eating something and we also went to the Starbucks obviously



And when in the plane I had one of the best seats: one of the last rows and I had the window seat so we took really nice pictures
Foto view sky

But when we arrived at the airport of Barcelona a class mate didn’t had his suitcase (we all knew that something would happen)

Day 2: Tuesday 21/03

It was a very busy day with a lot of hicking, we visited all the casas: Casa Battló, Casa Amatller, Casa Lleo Morera and Casa Mila

We also visited Casa Mila from the inside and it was really pretty, I really liked the luster that they had there





And we also went to Park Güell, where we also had a drink



Day 3: Wedsnesday 22/03

We visited Camp Nou !! It was really so nice to be there once, even if you’re not a soccer fan like me !

It was really so nice to be there once, even if you’re not a soccer fan like me !

And after that we went eating some Italian food and we visited other things





And in the morning we also went to La Blqueria, what’s a overdecked market and they had just from that very cute food so I had an papaya- orange jus and that was the first time I tried papaya so I was very excited !




Day 4: Thursday 23/03

We went to Montserrat, what’s a little mountain and we walked there a lot but the view was really amazing !






Day 5: Friday 24/03

We went to the park de la Ciutadella and it was just so beautiful and after that we went to the olimpic port and city and to Barceloneta but at the end we went to the shopping centre Maremagnum where I ate with a friend at the Subway and after that we went for ice cream !




Day 6: Saturday 25/03

Finally back home !! It was really a very long travel, it feels like we know each other better, there happend just so much in those 5 days I would never imagineted it





15♡ Barcelona


Hey beauties xx

Today I said bye bye to my long hair and I asked my mom if she could cut it for me.

So I was so excited about result and I love it just so so much !

When I was little I realy hated it when my mom cutted my hair short, I always thought that short hair was ugly, but actually it was just the society that made me think that.

My hair before



And you will probably see my new short frech hair on instagram pics the coming week when I’ll be in Barcelona.



Also one of my favourite products this moment !

Hope you enjoyed it !!

Make- up and Beauty

14♡ Bye bye long hair