Hey beauties xx

Today was realy a very funny day !!

We went walking on the beachside till the old city of Marbella and there we ate something at a realy cute little restaurant named Cafeteria Los Naranjos and I had again Calamares Fritos ! I think I’m a little obsesd with it

And this night at 19:12 we watched the sunset and it was just so beautiful

(This blog is about 27/02/2017)


5♡ Marbella February 2017 ~ day 4


Hey beauties xx

Today we didn’t really did something special, we just hang out in the old city of Marbella and we went eating tapas after we shoot a few pictures

(This blog is about 26/02/2017)


4♡ Marbella February 2017 ~ day 3


Hey beauties xx today we realy did something fun !

First we woke up and we had breakfast and after that we decided to go to Estepona and it was realy so beautiful

After that we decided to go to San Pedro for lunch and we ate at Mr. Gourement Burger and I had a “Le Brie” burger

So that was realy exciting and for dinner we ate pasta and after that we went to the shopping centre La Cañada

(This blog is about 25/02/2017)


3♡ Marbella February 2017 ~ day 2


Hey beauties xx

Now I’m for a little bit more than a week in Marbella and I will share with you what I am going to do, enjoy !!

So today is our first day in Marbella of 2017 !! And I am so so excited

Today we didn’t realy did something special, after we were arrived at the airport and we had our rental car we went home and we went to the old city to eat our breakfast.

After that we went reexploring the old city and so many things have changed in not even 1 year.

After that we went to the grocery story and we bought some things for the kitchen.

And after that the night we returned to the old city where we went down to the beach to eat a marshmallow ice cream with mini marshmallows in it, and it was realy dellisius !

(This blog is about 24/02/2017)


2♡ Marbella February 2017 ~ day 1


Heyy beauties xx

The last moment I’m really in love with 1 specific product … and it’s the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar and the Snow Fairy gel douche, both from Lush !!

And they both just smell so good, to candy ♡ I’m totally in love with it.

I just don’t know if the bubble bar is still available, but the gel douche is.

Make- up and Beauty

1♡ My favourite product of the moment